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Choose the Right Glue for the Job

Which Glue do I use?

I get this question around the house when something is broken or I am working on a project.  Which do I use?

So not all glue is created equal.  You need to choose the correct glue for the project at hand.  While Superglue is great it is not good for all things.

I have many in my Glue Box (yes my glue has its very own box).  I run the gambit from SuperGlue, Epoxy, Elmers, Weldbond and my most go to is the Tite-Bond 3.

This is a good article on the different types of glue and what you can use them for.

I have never tried the Hide Glue as I do not have the patience for heating the glue up or storing it correctly.  Maybe someday I will get there.

I one thing that you should take away from this is using a spatula or a glue brush to smooth out the glue on the surface.  I did not do that for a long time and my glue joints were not always that strong.  So after you put the glue on from the tube, take you brush and spread it evenly along the surface.  You will have a much stronger joint this way.  I got mine from Lee Valley and glue never sticks to it. Popsicle sticks work just as well but you have to throw them out after one use.

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