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Use Jars to hold the Small Stuff

Where are those screws?  In the Jars of course.

jars for part holdersWe always have that question.  Where did we put our stuff.  I ran across this idea quite a while ago and use it for storing stuff that I use on a regular basis.  While it won’t hold a pound of nails or screws, it will hold the little odds and sods that start on your workbench and then disappear just when you need them.

I tend to keep extra blades for my exacto knife, small screws and screwdrivers, staples, crazy glue, garden washers, drill bit heads, etc.  They are also good if you are taking something apart, then you can put the parts in the jar until you are ready to reassemble.

The catch is that you have to have a shelf for this project.  It doesn’t have to be in the garage and can even work in the kitchen for bulk spices.

The jars are just from whatever you got from the grocery store and gladly consumed its contents.  Its best if they are all the same size, but do not have to be.  Large ones at the back and smaller ones at the front.

As you can see, you take the lid off, punch a few holes in it for the screws and then mount it underneath a shelf.  Make sure that the screws you use are smaller that the wood you are screwing them into or you will have screws sticking up on the shelves.  So measure the thickness of your shelves and get screws slightly shorter.  so if your shelf is 3/4 inch thick, then get 5/8 inch screws.  Number 8 screws would be best as may not hold the weight if you put something heavy in your jars

You might want to map it out on a piece of paper first to make sure they all fit.  Some jars are bigger than their lid and it wont work if the lids are too close.

I also painted my lids to remove the grocery store look.

Have fun organizing.


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