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3 Woodworking Tips I Always Forget

Here are 3 that I found and after I watched the video I said “I knew that”.  The problem is remembering these tips when the time comes.

This is a great video with no words as the video speaks for itself.

  1. Nailing into narrow or thin wood and it splits
    • This is an age old problem.  You are nailing a thin or narrow piece of wood and it splits half way though.  #%$^%$%&&^%
    • The solution is to turn the nail over and blunt the point of the nail and then hammer it in.  This usually stops the wood from splitting because the nail is not spreading the wood as it goes in.
  2. Trying to screw into hardwood or old aged wood
    • You try screwing into hard wood and the screw just keeps getting harder and harder to get in even with a hammer drill.
    • The solution is to cover the screw with soap before you start.  This will allow the screw to go in much smoother and will be just as easy to remove it.
  3. Sanding a round hole that you just made.
    • Trying to smooth a hole you just drilled with sandpaper or a file.  The problem is keeping it round.
    • The solution is to roll up a piece of sandpaper as close to the hole size as possible and put it in your drill and then let the drill do the work.  You will get a nice clean sanding without changing the shape of the hole.

Its about a 3 minute watch:

Thanks to Mistry MakeTool for this Video