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How to get a stripped screw out of wood

Everyone has come across this once in a while. Whether it be from a cheap screw that just strips or when you are disassembling something and the screw has rusted in over time.

Most of us do not have a screw extractor in our tool kit, so we need a Plan B. A screw extractor is nothing more that a screw with reverse threads on it that you put in your drill bit and it will latch onto the screw and reverse it out.

Another option is to cut a straight line in the screw with a hacksaw or dremel. Then you should be able to remove it with a slot screwdriver. If the screw is in too deep this method could damage the surrounding surfaces. So not always an option.

Cut a notch in Screw to extract

So lets try this first. We will use a rubber band, yes a rubber band, to try and remove the screw. You will need one that is at least as wide as the screw, so search through your “I will need this someday” pile for one. Simply place the rubber band on the head of your screwdriver and wedge it into the screw. Make sure if you are using an electric screwdriver that it is in reverse. Then just back the screw out. Here is a short video on this.

Hopefully by now the screw is out and your frustration level is down and you can get on to what you wanted to do in the first place.



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