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DiY Cedar Cube Landscape Lights

Turn those cheap solar lights into something better.

We have all been there.  Walmart, Home Depot, Dollar Store or someone else has put those stick in the ground solar lights on sale and you just can’t resist buying them.

We try to stick them in the ground and usually one of them breaks or we put them somewhere and then decide to move them and again the shaft breaks.

I love solar lights for the end of my driveway and the steps leading up to my house.  Of course they usually do not last all night, but  least to midnight depending on the day.

I ran across this plan to get rid of the stake that is always breaking and have something that makes my solar lights look good.

Because they will be outside you will either need cedar or pressure treated lumber.  The posts in this plan are made out of 4×4 posts but  you can easily glue some 2×4’s together to get the same effect.  Just 1/2 inch short on one side.

Hope you enjoy the article and plan.

If you’ve ever bought inexpensive solar landscape lights from Home Depot or Lowe’s, you’re probably familiar with their Achilles heel: the cheap plastic spike that sticks into the ground.

Last year, Handan suggested I fashion new spikes from cedar to replace the lost Spikes of Inferiority. Down into my lair I went and returned with enough cedar stakes to slay several platoons of vampires. But the undead would have to wait, as these spikes were for the soil, not cold, unbeating hearts.