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Modify your Kreg Jig for easier use

Not just for Kreg Jigs.

I just loved this idea from Sawdust Girl.

While I don’t have this particular Jig, I do have the smaller one and yes the numbers are hard to read on it.

Unlike Ayisha, I don’t have 20/15 vision but rather fairly blind without my glasses.  There are a lot of my tools that have very small and hard to read markings on them.  I then to buy tools with brightly coloured markings but sometimes that is not possible.

So when I saw this tip I thought I would try it out on some of my tools.

It works GREAT.  I used the latex paint as it is easier to wipe off, you just have to make sure you do not try to soon or rub to hard as you can rub off the paint in the groves.

This tip is not just limited to your workshop.  I have a blender that has hard to read markings on it, so I am going to try this tip there.

Happy Marking.

One day, I was filling holes with spackle and accidentally rubbed a little on the jig. The spackle was pink but when it dried, it turned bright white. Instantly I noticed how easy it was to read the measurements.

I was so excited that I was ready to yell “EUREKA” and run down the street naked (name that Greek scientist). More than anything, I couldn’t believe that the folks at the Kreg Jig company had not thought of it first.

In real life, those marks are the equivalent of a 2 pt font and are really difficult to see. I’m a young woman with 20/15 vision but I have to get all up in my jigs business to see what they say.