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How to Clean Your Hook-and-Loop Pad

Cleaning Your Sander’s Hook-and-Loop Pad.

One of the things that always happens is that the loops on my sander get clogged with sawdust.  Now, I bought one of these with a vacuum attachment thinking that that would never happen.  Well I was wrong.

I read this tip from a Reader on WoodWorkersJournal and thought “What a Great Idea”.  And it works.  As we have kids, we have had one of these combs for checking for head lice.  So I thought I would give it a try.

When the “loops” on a sander’s hook-and-loop pad become clogged with dust, the sanding discs won’t cling properly. Here’s a simple fix: Buy a nit comb at a pharmacy. They’re sold for removing head lice eggs, and the metal tines are much closer together than a standard hair comb. Drag it across the sander’s pad vigorously, and the tines will clear the debris easily without harming the loops. Works great for cleaning other hook-and-loop items, too.

-David Thomson
Carson City, Nevada

Thanks to Wood Workers Journal for this Article.  Visit them HERE.