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How To Make A Small Woodworking Chisel

Make you own Wood Chisel.

For those of you who are just beginners or even us advanced woodworkers, this plan may not be for you.

You do need a lathe to complete it and most of us do not have the space for one nor the budget.  I managed to pick a very old one up for free and it cost me $10 for the motor.  It works fairly well but it so old that I can not get Vice Jaws for it.  But it still works well by glueing the wood stock to the faceplate.

If you do decide you would like to make one of these, you can to it without a lathe.  You can just sand down the corners until you get something that is comfortable in your hands.  You will need a grinder to make the blade although it can be made just using sandpaper, but it is a lot of work.  If you want to try the sandpaper route, check out this post on sharpening.

Even if you don’t have the tools to make this, it is an educational video to watch.