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Beginners Woodworking Tools – Chisels and Gouges

An Introduction to Chisels And Gouges

At some point when you are working with wood, you will use a Chisel and possible a Gouge.

Both do the same function of taking off slivers up to big chunks of wood.  The basic difference is that the chisel has a flat blade and a gouge has a rounded or curved blade.  They both come in many sizes and the basic woodworker should start with a 1/4″ and a 1/2″ chisel.  As for the gouge, I have not had much use for one in my general woodworking projects.  Someday, maybe.

As you will see in the chart below, there are two types of handles which are attached to the blade with either a Tang or a Socket.  If you plan to use your chisel to split off pieces of wood or use a hammer or mallet to strike the top, then you need to have a handle with a Socket.  This can take more abuse.

While the beginner or sometimes advanced woodworker may never use all of the different types, I found this chart of interest as someday I may get there.


Enjoy the Chart.