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DIY Industrial House Numbers

A Different way to Show Your House Numbers

The numbers on my house are old and faded and its time to upgrade them.  So the choices are Plastic, Wood, Metal or whatever my local hardware store has.

I ran across this idea and thought how different it would look.  I am not too sure if I would tackle this without a power drill, but if I did not have one, it would be a great way to strengthen my wrist muscles. 🙂

I have not added up the cost of the yet but if you do decide to go ahead with this, make sure they are either galvanized or deck screws.  The last thing you want is for them to rust.

I usually get mine from the bulk section and the last bag I got was only about $5.

So warm up your printer and make sure you choose a large font (48+) so that the numbers can be seen from the street.

If you feel artsy, you can spray paint them it a bright or glow in the dark colour.

Here is what you need:


  • Screws – stainless steel/exterior
  • Printed
  • Tape – for holding number template in place
  • Nails – for marking where screws will go


  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver – handheld is fine, but a power driver makes the work easier

Have fun and send us a picture if you make this.

diy house numberChoose your font. Use a software such as Photoshop to overlay a grid over the numbers. The intersecting points in the grid is where your screws will go, so the size of squares should depend on the size of the head of your screws.



diy house numberOnce you’ve printed your numbers, position the paper on your surface. Make sure they are  straight and nicely laid out before hammering the nails (you can also use one of the screws like in the photo). The goal for this step is to just mark where you will drill the screws.


diy house numbersAfter you have made marks for the numbers, carefully drill the screws. Sink them halfway only – just enough so that they will not fall out.




Ta Da

diy house numbers