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Low Horses – A shorter version of the Saw Horse

How about building a Low Horse?

I use saw horses a lot when I am working with large pieces of lumber or on a big project.

One of my problems with smaller items is that my work bench is either cluttered or there are just things in the way of building something.

I came across these “low horses” for Japanese woodworking.  Because Japanese woodworkers usually sit on the ground, they had no need for something high and these ones just fit the bill.

While I don’t work on the ground very much, they are great for putting on my workbench to raise my work over the mess underneath.  They would also be great if you work area happens to be the kitchen table with a towel on it to make sure you do not scratch your table or counter.

So the basic tools for this low horse, outside of a 2×4, is a saw, hammer, chisel, and adjustable square and some glue.  You don’t have to make the legs as fancy as the pattern, but it is a good project for practicing your chisel work.  It is just for your bench, so some small errors are allowed.  Worst case, you throw out the piece and cut another one from the 2×4.

I have recently started using Japanese saws as they are easier to use and cut incredibly fast.  For this project, it does not matter what kind of saw you use, as long as it cuts.

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