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Disassemble A Pallet the Easy Way

Wood Pallets are Free, but a pain to disassemble.

I have taken apart many a pallet over the years and it is not always an easy task.  Of course, I try and take them apart nail by nail and then eventually get frustrated and get out the circular saw and just rip them into smaller chunks.  9 times out of 10, this wood ends up in my fireplace.

I like this method as it is fast and gets good results.  I keep forgetting that for something that is going to be painted, that the nail holes are no big deal and will be covered over.

Most of the I find are fairly well made and of hardwood.  They are everywhere and I am picky as to what I pick up unless they are just for firewood.  Then anything is fair game.

Pallet projects are everywhere. ! The only problem with them is taking them apart…what a hassle. Using a hammer to take out the nails takes forever and a crowbar can damage the wood. Old World Garden Farms has another method that takes only 5 minutes and they want to let us in on the secret! One word: Sawzall. You need to see what all the fuss is about!

Check it out here…

OldWorldGardenFarms – How To Disassemble A Pallet With Ease