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Building a Cheap Roubo Style Workbench

We all need a workbench at some time.

For a lot of us it is the kitchen table or some small corner of the basement or garage.

I have looked at purchasing a work bench but was not prepared to spend the $500 or more to get the best.  After all I am just going to cut, glue or bang the heck out of something on it.

I eventually built one out of a solid wood door(found on side of road) and just added legs out of 2×4’s.  It has served me well over the years but is showing its age.  Meaning lots of cuts and holes and it is no longer flat which causes things I make to be out of square.

I ran across this video and loved the plan just using 2×4’s.  So now my cost was under $100 which was in my budget.

I have not built this yet and once I get my garage organized (big project) will make this one.

One of the things that I might do differently is after I get the top fairly flat to put a 1/4 inch hardboard on it to get something that is perfectly flat and tough.  I might do that on my bench for now.

While this is not a easy project it is in the grasp of most of us.  I don’t have a planer so I rely on my table saw to get a flat edge.  It works most of the time but the fault is usually with the human.

Enjoy the video even if you don’t end up making it, there are always tips to be learned.


You can find the pictures and commentary here for this bench.

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