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Folding Extension Cord Organizer!

No home for your extension cords?

If you are like me, they are coiled up and stuffed anywhere I can. Then when I want one I have to find it, move all the stuff that I piled on top of it and then untangle it.  I tried nails in the wall and other hooking devices but have yet to find one that works for me and does not stick out for my head to bump into.

I loved this one and it is on my short list as I am organizing my workshop.  I watch a lot of videos and am amazed how organized and clean their workshops are.  Not mine.

I like the fact that this one folds down when not in use and then flips up for me to choose which cord that I want.

While yours does not have to be as fancy as his, it does not hurt to practice your sanding and shaping skills.



Depending on your application, your bracket will look different. I wanted mine to “hug” a 2×4 stud.

Overall this prototype worked even better than expected. It even holds air hoses! The only problem I see is I should have used plywood for the hooks instead …

I tried three different variations of hook design. My first attempt worked, but was more “hook” than needed. I also found out that the face of the hook needed to be 1 1/2″ for the device to fold flat against the wall. My second attempt didn’t leave enough space to easily slide the cords in and out.