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5 Easy Woodworking Projects

5 Easy Woodworking Projects

Jack Houweling put together 5 of his easy woodworking projects in a video.

Now you may not want to do all of them or in some cases do not have the equipment to do it.  I especially liked the way he made the pencil tray.  I would have only thought about as I am still a little intimidated by my Router.  So using a Drill Press with the router bit in it was something I would never have thought of to do.

As I find with quite a few projects out there, you have to make a special jig to do the work.  That is the case with his pencil tray.  You will need something to raise the work up to the bit.  So another fun thing to make.

While I don’t have a dado blade for my table saw, I was able to make the cuts, just a lot more of them, with my regular table saw blade for the eraser holder.  I loose my erasers a lot, so this was a great idea.

The Wooden mallet is made just with a saw, drill and a file.  So a nice beginner woodworking project.

The small Miter box will have to wait as I do not have a bandsaw yet.  But I will figure out how to do this without it.  I just love the miter box.

I love the Quick Clamp and this is defenitely on my project list.  Vary basic tools needed here.  A saw and a drill

Enjoy the video.

You can see the full article on Jack’s Site Here…