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Cardboard Stands Save Woodworking Effort


Painting trim made easy.

I ran across this the other day from the WoodWorkers Journal and thought duh.  Why didn’t I think of that.

I always struggled when painting or priming and how to do it all at once.  I always did one half, waited for it to dry and then did the other half.  If they were smaller pieces, I would stick a nail in them and hang them somewhere to paint and dry.

Depending on how many coats, this could turn into days.

cardboard woodworking painting stand

So when I saw this, the light went on.  You basically just cut groves in cardboard to match the moulding that you are painting/staining.  One coat, dry and then a second one if needed.  On a good drying day, I could finish it all off the same day.

It’s tough to hold long pieces of quarter round molding for priming and painting, but recently I had 300 ft. of it to prepare for our new home. So, I used cardboard from our moving boxes to make four of these triangular stands, taped together, with V-notches cut along the top. The notches were shallow enough to hold the molding’s curved edge “proud” for easy finishing.