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How to Cut the Perfect Wood Circle.

Cutting a Wood Circle does not have to be difficult.

At some point in time you will want/need to make a circle for your woodworking project.

This does not have to be a hair pulling task as there are numerous ways to do this.

First, you need to make the circle.  The easiest method that I use is to take a piece of wood a little over half the size of the circle you want to make.  I hammer a nail near one end with the point sticking out just a little.  I then measure from that point to half of the size of the circle, mark that point and hammer another nail in the wood with its point sticking out a little also.

Mark the centre on the wood your want to make the circle.  Put the point of one end of you stick in that point, hold it firmly and then move the wood around and the nail in the other end will cut a circle in the wood.  You can then use a hand saw to cut out the circle.  Some sanding and you are done.

Why I use a nail instead of a pencil, is because the nail actually breaks the wood so that when you do the cut it prevents the wood from chipping.

There are many other tools you can use to cut a circle:

  • table saw
  •  bandsaw
  •  jigsaw
  •  router 
  •  handsaw

I ran across this jig from Jax Design for cutting a circle with a jigsaw.  If you don’t have a jigsaw then you can try the manual method I described above.  It works fairly well.

There is a link at the bottom of this post if you have a router.

I hope you enjoy the Video.

Cuting a Circle with a Jigsaw from JaxDesign

Cutting a circle using a Router from I Built It.